Introduction to DH

To make the day as useful as possible, I propose that we start off with a brief overview session, based largely on the materials collected by Lisa Spiro at (Lisa, if you’re planning to attend, you can lead!). At the same time, we can define library-centric terms like metadata, curation, and interoperability, so that folks from the humanities community can follow what we’re saying.

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About Danielle Cunniff Plumer

I am a digital collections consultant working with cultural heritage institutions interested in putting their collections online. I do a lot of work in the areas of strategic program and project planning and in metadata creation, standards, and normalization. My research interests include information extraction from textual materials and natural language processing for information retrieval. I'm currently working on automated creation of encoded archival description and encoded archival context, with some digressions into linked data. I teach classes and workshops on descriptive and preservation metadata, digital curation and preservation, digitization, controlled vocabularies and thesauri, and grantwriting.

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  1. If you wanted this to use as definitions and common ground for the day it might be worth bringing up during the first hour while we are doing scheduling and are all in the same room.

  2. Matt, that’s exactly what I was thinking about. It depends on who will be there; some people don’t need the cross-disciplinary background, but some might appreciate it to help create better conversations for the rest of the day.

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