Visualize This: Gigantic Video Walls

When the James B. Hunt Jr. Library at North Carolina State University was planned, NCSU Libraries made the strategic decision to build immersive visualization spaces throughout the building, including four large, public, architecturally-integrated video walls. These visualization displays allow the Hunt Library to be a storytelling building: a building that provides a narrative window for the teaching, research, and learning activities on campus.

Video walls and immersive digital environments are creating new opportunities for digital humanities research and pedagogy. In this session, you can learn a little bit about our walls, but more importantly, we’ll brainstorm about potential DH applications for this kind of technology and discuss the challenges around implementing projects and services.

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About Mike Nutt

I am a digital media librarian at NC State University Libraries, where I serve as the editor in chief of the Hunt Library's large video walls. My background is in digital storymaking. I have a B.A. in communication studies and an M.S. in information science, both from UNC-Chapel Hill. I'm interested in building social archive sites that allow communities to tell and preserve their own stories.