The GLAM Wiki project is an effort to get more libraries, archives, and museums contributing to Wikipedia. I’d argue that it’s also appropriate for digital humanists! In this session, we’d learn about GLAM Wiki; and the process of becoming Wikipedia editors, for those who have never done it, and then get people signed up to start sharing information about digital humanities projects in one of the most effective ways possible, using the power of the crowd.

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About Danielle Cunniff Plumer

I am a digital collections consultant working with cultural heritage institutions interested in putting their collections online. I do a lot of work in the areas of strategic program and project planning and in metadata creation, standards, and normalization. My research interests include information extraction from textual materials and natural language processing for information retrieval. I'm currently working on automated creation of encoded archival description and encoded archival context, with some digressions into linked data. I teach classes and workshops on descriptive and preservation metadata, digital curation and preservation, digitization, controlled vocabularies and thesauri, and grantwriting.

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  1. Mike Nutt says:

    Ever listened to Wikipedia? Something fun to display/listen to during an edit party:

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