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The Digital Humanities & Libraries THATCamp event has a twitter handle:  Follow us and re-tweet like mad.  We need more followers and session proposals (or comments on existing session proposals).

Make sure to also join us for online discussions as we kick around themes, session proposals, workshop ideas and more.

The hash tags for the event are:

  • #thatcamp
  • #dhlib2013
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About Michelle Dalmau

I am the Acting Head of Digital Collections Services at the IU Libraries. Previously, I was the Digital Projects Librarian for the Digital Collections Services group and Digital Library Program at the IU Libraries, where I was responsible for coordinating and managing digital library projects with a particular focus on electronic text projects. I have been actively participating the DH community since 2005, but I have contributed to DH-related projects at IU as early as 2002. I am the co-editor of the Victorian Women Writers Project (, and participate in many other DH endeavors ... part of the editorial technical staff for DHQ, Co-chair of the TEI Libraries SIG, and other stuffs I can't remember right now.