Librarians working with teaching faculty to do DH in the classroom

At KU I have seen an increase in the number of faculty in humanities that have come to the Libraries to for guidance and support for teaching digital humanities in the classroom. These faculty instructors may not have the skills or experience to integrate DH into their courses, yet they recognize that their students will be well-served by introducing them to the topic. This semester alone librarians have been working with faculty on various classroom DH activities: an introductory session on digital humanities, an introductory level digital humanities assignment, and a collaborative group project to build a curated digital collection over the course of the semester. In addition we get regular inquiries for project or assignment ideas, and we have hosted workshops and brainstorming sessions with faculty to develop class projects.

I would be interested in a session to discuss and share these kind of efforts. How can librarians help support DH in the classroom: what are effective assignments? How can we be involved in the classroom in a way that is scalable and effective? Can we use digital humanities in the classroom as a way to increase engagement with special collections, archival material, and other library resources? What do we ourselves need to know about DH in order to provide this kind of support.

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Associate Librarian for Digital Scholarship at the University of Kansas Libraries, and co-director of KU's Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities.