3 Responses to Digital Preservation in the Humanities

  1. I can offer a case study based on work my students did in a class on digital curation at UNT this summer, in which they worked out preservation strategies for the Mapping Texts project (mappingtexts.org/index.html), ranging from source code to interactive content.

  2. Ooh, that would be an interesting read. I didn’t find anything specific about preservation strategies on the website, unless I missed it.
    So, that’s 2 separate issues, as I see it. (1) What context and descriptive information needs to be preserved about DH materials to make them useful now and in the future? (2) Preservation strategies for DH projects and the digital objects/materials they create.

  3. Lauren,

    No, the website I listed is the Mapping Texts project itself, which is pretty neat itself, but which was funded with a grant and is now “done” and has been transferred to the UNT Libraries for preservation. My students were each given an aspect of the project to preserve, and they then packaged the materials they had for preservation in a class repository (DSpace or Islandora, depending on their preference). It raised lots of issues! I can show folks the repos, which are not public, and perhaps get permission from students to share some of the reports.


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