Nerissa Lindsey

  • Catalog Librarian
  • Texas A&M International University

I have an BA in Anthropology with a minor in both Philosophy and Comparative Literature from the University of California, Davis. I also have an MLIS from the University of Washington. I was an archaeologist for about three years. How I ended up going from finding cool stuff in the middle of nowhere to being a librarian sometimes feels like a mystery to me. I think perhaps I got tired of saving receipts in parking lots, and going through periods where I didn't have a contract. I don't have anything published at this time, but I am interested in a wide range of topics. I am interested in the idea of indexing intertextuality in music. There has been some interesting work that's been done along these lines with literature. The Orlando project is one, where they indexed intertextual references between women writers from the British Isles. I haven't read anything by Nicholas Carr, but I did have to read a lot of Žižek for many of my undergraduate courses. I took a structure and symbolism course and I believe that's the course where I read the most by him. I enjoyed reading his work for school, but I haven't stayed up to date with his work in the way that I have with Noam Chomsky. So I don't feel that I could give a truly relevant opinion. Maybe it's time to use the library that I work in to catch up... It's been a LONG time since I've played Galaga, but I doubt my highest score ever got outside of 5 digits. I was much better at Tetris. I think I got to level 15 on the classic Nintendo version.