3 Responses to Libraries as providers of DH data sources

  1. This seems like the mirror image of my session proposal. Do you think that combining them would make sense?

  2. They are definitely related/mirrors. I think it makes sense to combine; I especially like the show-and-tell aspect of yours. Maybe we can use that to drive some critical discussion about the user needs around access/re-use of content, and what are some effectively underlying approaches to platform development ala Sherratt’s article.

    Not to throw yet another idea to the heap, but there is a policy dimension to this that is also interesting (and admittedly kind of confusing) to me. That might be a whole other session.

  3. Sounds like there’s also potential overlap with Sarah’s proposal too: dhlib2013.thatcamp.org/2013/10/20/650-x-computer-network-resources-discussion-of-dh-and-discoverability/. I think this will make for a tight session. High five.

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